Basic Tune Up $45

Standard Tune Up $75

Major Tune Up  $150

  • Full front and rear derailleur adjustment
  • Full front and rear brake adjustment 
  • Lubricate chain and derailleur hinge points
  • Inflate tires and check for damage and wear
  • Wipe down frame with frame protectant
  • Minor wheel truing on bike
  • Check chain for wear
  • General outlook on condition of bike and components

The standard tune up includes everything from the basic tune up plus the following:

  • Remove and true wheels
  • Inspect and adjust wheel bearings
  • Inspect and adjust headset bearings
  • Inspect and adjust bottom bracket bearings
  • Inspect and adjust pedal bearings
  • Clean bike mechanicals as needed
  • Grease skewers

The major tune up includes everything listed in the basic and standard tune ups plus the following:

  • Install new brake cables and housings*
  • Install new shift cables and housings*
  • Bar tape wrap (required on road bikes when replacing housings)*
  • Repack bearings in wheels (wipe and inspect sealed bearings)
  • Repack headset bearings (wipe and inspect sealed bearings)
  • Repack bottom bracket bearings (wipe and inspect sealed bearings)

All other repair services are based on a $60/hr labor rate. 

*Plus cost of materials. Approximately $45 for road-style bicycles and $55 for bicycles with fully housed cables. Bar tape costs may vary.