We're cyclists, so we're your perfect team!

We may not always be serious, but we take riding seriously.

Not only are we trained and certified to work on your bike, but we can also help you get the most out of cycling. Named one of America's Best Bike Shops in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. We take pride in finding the right bike to meet your riding style.

Crankers Cycling starts every client with a professional custom sizing and fitting, that ensures your going to get the most out of biking. 


Greyson – CMO (Chief Mischief Officer)

Tricycle Cyclist

Strider Bike

Road cyclist

Years riding: 3+

Why I love to ride: "So I can go fast...uhmm so i can out run mom and dad!"


Kent – Owner

Road Cyclist - first love
Fixed Gear - Enthusiast
MTB - Novice
Cruizer - These are just fun
Path - Relax time

Years riding: 47 or so I think I was seven when i got my first bike

Why I love to ride: "Since I was kid, riding has given me a freedom like no other. From my first purple huffy with a banana seat to my first road bike when I was 13, I could just go, go, go!"


Harry - Service Manager

Harry has a wealth of knowledge in the bike industry. He started working at age 16 with Miller's Schwinn in Maumee. In 1979 he rode across America. He joined Maumee Valley Wheelmen in the 1980's. He has been part of the industry for 40 years.

Harry loves road cycling. He rides now for fun with his family and friends. 



Mountain bike Extraordinaire!

Wheelie King

Why do i like to ride? I enjoy all genres of cycling! The different community’s of riders come from everywhere and to see them all come together is amazing. I love working at Crankers, working on some of the coolest bikes and helping the customers is so much fun.